These Are the Tricks Political Campaign Ads Use to Brainwash Us

Vote for whoever the hell you want to vote for. But don’t make your decision after watching an emotionally prying, stupid-person-targeting, specifically edited campaign ad. Now You See It explains how all political ads, no matter which side they’re on, use the same methods to trick voters into believing the worst in the opposing candidates (or the best in their own candidate). It’s the same trick used in film: the montage.


Quick cuts make people emotionally associate terror with candidates. Fuzzy footage or smaller images purposefully make the candidates look bad. Seamless editing makes others appear presidential. It’s all the same formula and everyone uses it.

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I wish stuff like this was required learning in public school and a refresher in high school.

Of course it isn’t, because for those in power, the less effective you are at manipulating the public with cheap film tricks, the higher the chance of you having actually have to do a good job.

While I laugh at political ads, or even things like beers ads, ads for Coke and can cut right through their bullshit, I know that there’s millions of people who don’t because teaching people about the manipulation techniques marketing and propaganda does doesn’t have a lot, if at all.

Sad. Imagine was the US (or other countries) would be if people didn’t so easily fall for this bullshit.