Sometimes, data looks best when it's presented without too much fanfareā€”like in these gorgeous minimalist maps by designer Michael Pecirno, which show off the U.S. landscape with nothing but two simple colors.

Taking data from USDA, Pecirno has made a series of what he calls Minimal Maps, visualizing the coverage of grass, woodland, crops, urban sprawl and more across the entire country. He explains:

The data provided by the USDA is incredible and includes a tremendous wealth of information that makes up the composition of America. By pulling this data and extrapolating specific categories I've been able to produce a number of unique and explicit maps that aim to push us away from the ubiquitous and low-resolution (regarding information content) physical and political map.


You can check the maps out over on his website. [Michael Pecirno via Flowing Data]

Image by Michael Pecirno