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When Bill and Mara decided to have a geeky wedding, they realized they needed geeky wedding invitations. And what better way to show off their 'circuits and swirl' theme than to create a circuit board invitation.


It ain't easy getting those lights to light up! The lights are dark until the card is opened up and have a secret Morse code message that only shows up when the light sensor senses the perfect amount of light. With all that technowiz, the circuit board design is pretty much just the icing.

The invitations were a DIY project by Bill and Mara and they used microcontroller-powered LEDs, battery and light sensor to create the look. In all, they made 50 invitations with a Xerox printer and copper-clad kapton tape. If you're curious on how to make these geeky cards yourself, head over to Bill's website here. [Bill Porter via DVICE]


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