These Clamps Turn Any Old Slab of Wood Into a Table, No Drill Required

Buying furniture is expensive. And making furniture is hard. But with this set of table legs, you can fashion a beautiful custom table without so much as a toolbox at your disposal.

The concept of clamp-able table legs is not new, but the Detroit designers behind the Floyd Leg are presenting a stylish and simple version of the idea on their Kickstarter page. What $189 will get you is a set of four Floyd legs that easily clamp onto any surface suitable as a table-top. Finally, you can put that old door you've been saving to good use!


The Floyd Legs come in either a 16-inch or 29-inch height, perfect for either a coffee table or work table. It says on their site that the legs are for light-medium use. My first concern would be stability, or the likelihood that your found surface is not completely flat, which would make for a wobbly table.


Expect the legs to be a real-world thing very soon though, because with more than 20 days left in their campaign, they have already beaten their funding goal by over $100,000. People want these bad. [Floyd Leg]

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