These Costumes From the Original Power Rangers Movie Are Up for Auction

Go go Power Rangers.
Go go Power Rangers.
Image: 20th Century Fox

The original Power Rangers movie was a fully Americanized production based on Japanese sentai, and it went a little hog wild with it. Now, some of its most distinctive—and possibly controversial—props are up for auction: the costumes.


Yes, those costumes, which trade out the comfy-looking padded tracksuits of the original outfits for more complicated, armored, very-American versions. Which, to me, as a youth, still looked really cool. I’m honestly not sure if other people agreed with me or not, or how people feel about these. But they’re up for auction, and a new video on Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel has the curator of the auction showing them off.

Courtesy of the Prop Store, the video features several costumes from the film, including varieties that were never seen by audiences. These include helmet variants without visors or mouthpieces, apparently part of an experiment to let audiences see more of the actors’ faces. Which would have looked incredibly strange, in the midst of what is honestly already a pretty weird movie. These costumes have clearly aged, but they’re still very interesting and carefully constructed props. Maybe not ready for cosplay, but definitely neat for display.

The Prop Store auction runs the 1st and 2nd of December, in case you’re wealthy and want to collect some Power Rangers stuff.

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Arcanum Five

The catalog linked in the last paragraph is worth looking through. It’s a shame that this article and video focuses on the Power Rangers stuff at the cost of everything else in the auction, most of which is far, far more interesting and from genuinely classic, important sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, and genre films.

  • An ape mask from 2001
  • The Joker’s purple fedora from the Keaton Batman
  • The Newt tube from Alien 3
  • Avenue Q puppets
  • Blade’s vest from Blade
  • Han’s knife hand from Enter the Dragon
  • Conan’s sword from Conan the Barbarian
  • A BBC exhibition Dalek
  • Korben Dallas’ gun from The Fifth Element
  • The element key from The Fifth Element
  • The Fight Club bar of soap, rules sheet, and multiple iconic pieces of clothing
  • A bunch of weapons from Flash Gordon
  • Ramirez’s katana from Highlander
  • Agent Smith and Trinity’s glasses from The Matrix 
  • Neo’s complete costume from The Matrix
  • The F-society face mask from Mr. Robot
  • Book of the Dead from The Mummy
  • The Dagger of Megiddo from The Omen
  • Headless Horseman’s costume and axe from Sleepy Hollow
  • Multiple lightsabers from a little series called Star Wars
  • V’s Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta
  • Wolverine’s claws from several of the X-Men movies
  • Xena’s chakram from Xena: Warrior Princess

Those are just the things I would want. This auction is a What’s What List of things Gizmodo readers would love to have. Many of the items are hero props (the best version of the prop used for close-ups) and signature weapons, costumes, and plot items.