These Fascinating New Nanobots Seek Out And Destroy Cancerous Tumors

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Whether they're sneaking between cells or turning cockroaches into living 8-bit computers, nanobots are insanely fascinating. Now, they're about to become an army of impossibly small weaponized robots, swarm into the human body, hunt down malignant tumors and destroy them once and for all.


New research from the University of California's Davis Cancer Center published in Nature Communications has enabled doctors to develop a nanoparticle called "nanoporphyrin", which will both hunt down and destroy cancerous tumors within the human body. This was achieved by installing a tumor-recognition module in a nanobot, which would inject drugs directly into the affected cells.

Unlike standard chemotherapy, which simply blasts all of a certain type of cell and often ends up doing more damage than good, this new treatment leaves healthy cells completely unharmed.

Advertisement has an in-depth, technical explanation of how the system works, so head over and check it out. []

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Andrew Liszewski

Fun concept but the body is designed to hunt down foreign invaders and would deal with these nano-bots post haste. That's why cancer has been so successful, to the body it looks like normal cells so they're completely ignored while it wreaks havoc. I've spoken to a few cancer experts on the 'nanobot' idea but they laugh it off as science fiction, basically.