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These Flexible e-Paper Tablets Could Change Your Desk Forever

Everyone dreams of an electronic display they can roll up and shove in their pocket—but now it's closer than ever. These flexible e-paper tablets are the stuff of dreams.


Developed by Queen's University, Plastic Logic and Intel Labs, the displays look pretty much like sheets of paper. Actually, though, they're 10.7-inch plastic displays which are flexible and touch sensitive. Here, a bunch of them are strung together and powered by some Intel guts.

Each display houses a different app, and the screens can interact with each other: tap one page on another to open a document or email, say, and then flick or twist to provide commands. The displays also know where others are, so they can be teamed up to produce a larger screen when placed next to each other.


All in, it's an amazingly realized concept, which feels a little bit like how people 20 years ago probably imagined modern offices should look. OK, maybe it's not perfectly polished— refreshing looks dog slow and it feels awkward with all those ribbon cables over the desk—but give it a break. If my desk looks like a neater version of this in a few years time, I will be a happy man. [YouTube]

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