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These guys are so strong that they can walk invisible walls in the air

As far as I can tell, I don't think there's an invisible wall where this guy is pushing his legs off of to make it look like he's walking on thin air. But I can't be sure though because I assume once you get as strong as these guys, you unlock all sorts of secret life powers. I mean these tricks are unreal.


Watching them work out makes me question if we have the same body.

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im not trying to be "that guy" but I must say something. Are the strong and muscular....yes definitely. BUT, a ton of what they do is possible because they are very short. Center of gravity is what makes what they do possible and being short helps them a ton. I'm athletic, muscular and work out heavily in many different ways, I'm also 6"4 and wouldn't be able to do this for anything. I would say that most of those guys also weigh around 160's-170's.

I am in no way saying they don't have skill, they do, and I wish I could pull that off without ripping my arms off. Just putting this out there for those who think that if they work out like crazy that anyone can do can't. much like men gymnasts. Height is not your friend.