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How much do you have to work out to burn off the junk food you eat?

If you want to be remotely healthy, don’t eat junk food. It’s that simple. Because it’s really not worth it (oh but it is, sometimes) when you try to burn off all those bad calories you just ate. Think about the exercise! Think about the weights! Think about the cardio! Think about all that when you’re about to eat a Big Mac and Fries because you need about an hour and a half of cardio or two hours of weights to whip that out your system.


There’s a workout plan in the infographic below from Buddy Loans to show you how to combat the issue of fast food but remember just don’t eat it (eat it! eat it! eat it!).

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I really hate these types of studies, and I also hate the little calorie counter on the exercise machines. They just seem so de-motivational. It’s not as simple as “if I drink a soda, I need to work out for 45 minutes to burn it off”. Some people never eat junk food and can’t keep off the weight. Some people eat junk food every day and never get fat. There’s no single calorie burning meter for all humans. We all burn calories differently.