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These Guys Swing Lightsabers Around Like They're Using The Force

It’s just a teensy bit goofy to be swinging lightsabers around in the forest dressed as Jedi and Sith but it’s also a helluva lot of fun because these guys are so good at handling the lightsabers that you could totally convince me that they’ve managed to tap into The Force in real life. The video, filmed by Kuma Films, shows David Barron and Daniel Musashi performing their contact sword skills that looks like it comes from a galaxy far, far away.


I’m pretty sure they could pull off the same tricks with a real lightsaber too and only lose a few arm hairs.


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Jesus, this is one of the many reasons why Force Awakens SUCKED. the lightsaber choreography was horrible compared to these guys and they’re just fans.....fuckin ridiculous.