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Ivy-Covered Extension Cables Disguise Your Unsightly Tangled Power Cords

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We live and die by the cord; the energy tethers are everywhere—powering our portable gadgets and stay-at-home decor—and they're pretty much always a tangled, unsightly mess. We need them, but they're ugly… Unless! Unless you could disguise the longuns in an artful sprawl of faux-ivy, like you lived in some kind of fantasy world where electricity came naturally from houseplants.


ElectroVine is a six-foot-long, three-pronged extension cord that looks like a trail of leaves. It works indoors and outdoors. You can futz around with the removable clusters and rearrange them however you like. It's equal parts goofy and brilliant. It seems perfect for al fresco stuff—all those barn weddings, say, and schmancier barbecues—but I think how well it works inside will depend on how good the leaves look in person. That being said, I'm kind of into it. Now we just need them for the smaller stuff.

ElectroVine is in Kickstarter mode at the moment, with a ways to go and two days to do it, but you can get one of your own for $35 (and hope lots of other folks are doing the same). [Kickstarter]