These previously unseen Star Wars posters look absolutely awesome

The fifth and final book in George Lucas' Star Wars Art series, Posters, is hitting shelves next week - and nestled within it are some gorgeous, never before seen posters considered for use during advertisement campaigns for all six movies.

The book itself collates the art of hundreds of posters used to advertise Star Wars products over the years, but the most interesting pieces are the ones that might have been - posters we never saw, that never had the chance to burn their imagery in our minds as iconic bits of Star Wars memorabilia. Even without that nostalgia, they still manage to look really cool.


There's even this very, very early poster design that looks decidedly Frazetta-ish, and features Chewbacca as basically a Gorilla with a rifle:


Star Wars Art: Posters is due out October 14th, for around $30.

[Images via Joblo]

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