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These Smiley Face Screws Are Wildly Impractical But Utterly Adorable

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If ever there was a product designed to bring joy but ultimately destined to frustrate, it is these smiley face screws. They look beautiful, adorable, fun even. But you will shout and swear and stamp your feet every time you need to tighten them up.

The Screw:) is the result of a collaboration between Japanese studio Yumakano and Komuro Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Not content with the enjoyment a flathead, Phillips or Pozidriv can bring, the duo set out to add a smiley face to the head of a screw. It's not a cap or cover—no, that smiley face is the mechanism through which you tighten the screw.


So, obviously the hardware comes with its own dedicated screwdriver, pictured below. Wonderful! But trying to locate the blade into the head at a weird angle or in a tight spot will be practically impossible. And you will, invariably, lose the thing—at which point your penknife or Leatherman will be unable to save your ass. (A security driver may just help, but it's not clear what the spacings are like, so in reality you'd probably still be screwed unless it was exactly right.)

But, hey! At least your fixtures and fittings will be smiling at you, assuming you tighten it juuuuuust right. A smug, knowing smile, taunting your screwdriver-less toolbox. :( [Yumakano via Design Boom]