These Star Wars Drone Builders Need To Start Selling Their Creations

It’s a safe assumption, given the ever-increasing popularity of quadcopters, that once The Force Awakens marketing blitz gets underway later this year, we’ll be seeing lots of Star Wars-related flying toys. But until then, we have to settle for drooling over custom creations like this detailed light-up Millennium Falcon from YouTuber Olivier C.

This is actually Olivier C’s second attempt at building a flying Falcon, and MK II is bigger and better than the first. At almost 40-inches in length it’s an imposing craft that includes plenty of LED lighting, including thrusters at the back, and a flight time of almost eight minutes on a single charge.


In the right light, if you squint your eyes just a little while watching this video, you’d swear you were looking at unreleased footage from the original trilogy. And that should be more than enough to tide you over until the next The Force Awakens trailer. [RCGroups via CNET]

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