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These Stone Shades Are Fit for a Flintstone

Whether pedaling to Rock Vegas with the top down or boarding a pterodactyl flight to Hollyrock, no self-respecting cave man leaves his igneous abode without proper eye wear. Now, both the stone age man about town and modern cool hunters can rock a pair of retro wayfarers made of, well, rock.


Shwood Eyewear of Portland, Oregon has one-upped its unique brand of wood-framed shades with the new Stone collection—a line of slate-wrapped sunglasses. As you can see above, the Stones aren't completely constructed from slate—geez no, they'd weigh a ton and shatter the first time you dropped them—but rather use a birch wood frame to support a stone veneer and hand-inlaid pewter accents. Available in both the traditional wayfarer shape and the more rounded Belmont style in either black or white slate and a choice of lenses, only 200 pair will be produced. Though at $325 a pop, you might need to work some extra shifts at the quarry to afford them. [Shwood via Uncrate]

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now if you drop those both the glass AND the frame are gone...