These stunning Star Wars posters can be yours this Weekend

Brooklyn's Bottleneck Gallery is known for its sales of gorgeous art inspired by games, movies and pop culture - and how hard it is to nab said art before it sells out. Never fear though, as this wonderful new series of Star Wars posters by Matt Ferguson won't - as long as you buy before the end of Sunday, that is.

Above: 'You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.', by Matt Ferguson


The posters, one for each of the movies in the Original Trilogy, are 12 x 24 inches and printed on French Paper Pop-tone. The run will be limited, but only by however many are sold between now and 11:59 pm EST this Sunday, September 7th. You can buy each print for $35, or get a set of three for $100, and they'll each come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from Ferguson.

Bottleneck will also be selling a much more limited collection of the 3 posters printed on Wood for $350. Only 30 of these will be made, however a purchase of any of the normal prints will also place you into a prize draw to win one of these wooden variants.


You can check out more of Matt's art at his website, Cakes and Comics (his work might be familiar with you if you bought Marvel's 'Phase One' box set - he designed the cover art for each film).

[Bottleneck Gallery, via /Film]

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