The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction has a pretty big problem: they have to find a way to keep our broke-ass country from financially imploding. They also appear to have just received their first computers over the weekend.


Today, a challenge arose as the bipartisan clusterhuddle furrowed their brows and wondered whether to buy fewer nuclear bombs or perhaps fire all the teachers or maybe just use lighter paperclips. Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC) would very much like a computer printout of some pertinent fiscal data from Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Elmendorf will get right on it! In fact, he will "task" his Internet Computer Digital Terminal with this task. He will task it right away. Task processing should begin imminently—expect the digital task printout on your desk within a fortnight, Mr. Congressman. God help us all. [via Sunlight Foundation]

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