Multiroom audio has been around for decades, but now high-end snooty audio purveyor THIEL Audio jumps into the game with THIELnet, an audio distribution system it developed with BICOM that has so much IP smartness that it makes us want to pee. So smart, in fact, that even a dummy could set it up. The THIELnet dB1 audio distribution processor, along with the speakers (including a subwoofer), all communicate with each other via internet protocol (IP). Sure, that's been done before by the likes of Squeezebox, Sonos and Netstreams, but this is high-end, baby.

In fact, according to the company, it all works so well that they're guaranteeing quality of service. So now you can stream sound from a PC or audio system into eight different rooms at extremely long distances, and don't worry about signal loss: It's all digital. It's all wired so far, however, the company's also working on wireless versions. We're scared to even ask how much this costs. [CEPro]