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Thieves Steal Thousands of Laptops From Government Contractor Over Nine Hour Period

Illustration for article titled Thieves Steal Thousands of Laptops From Government Contractor Over Nine Hour Period

You'd think a facility belonging to a private contractor working for the U.S. Special Operations Command would be well-secured, but seven thieves managed to park two semitrailer trucks next to it and spend nine hours loading them up with laptops.


The theft occurred at the iGov facility in Tampa, Florida and the thieves got away with thousands of Panasonic Toughbook laptops—valued at more than $3,000 each—as well as other equipment. Their entire heist was apparently caught on security footage, but there is no word as to why no one managed to catch them during the nine hour event. [Tampa Bay]

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You'd be amazed with what you can do if you carry a clipboard and wave derisively at people who approach you. If that doesn't work, flip papers while pointing at the from time to time with your pen and explaining to the guard that he will be the one who has to explain to "insert name of important person who has a short temper" when this isn't done. Not only has it worked in countless movies, but it has worked for Face on The A-Team. My father also knew a guy who worked in his police department that carried around a clipboard and when people would ask him a question, he would mumble and point to things on the clipboard saying he was "very busy".

That said, at the college I went to ,one night a truck drove in to "deliver" some food to the cafeteria. A few hours later, they discovered the freezers nearly empty and the truck gone.