Thieves Will Steal Your Money Using Their Boobs Instead of ATM Skimmers

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In the past we might have worried about sophisticated card skimmers, sneaky bank fees, or armed robbers when we stopped at an ATM, but based on recent events we may now have to fear attractive bare-breasted female thieves too.

Apparently a man had just finished entering his PIN into a Parisian ATM when he found himself staring at not one, but two pairs of bare breasts. While he enjoyed the view, one of the flashers quickly withdrew 300 euros from his account and fled with her friend right behind her.


The girls were caught on the ATM's security camera, but remain unidentified. When asked for comment about the entire incident, a spokesperson for the local police department only had these words of warning:

We would advise anyone withdrawing cash from a machine to focus on what they are doing and not allow themselves to be distracted, however attractive the view.

Heed those words, before you too watch your money disappear with a pretty girl. [Telegraph]

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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

So while he was staring at boobs, someone ran up directly behind him, started making loud beeping noises on the ATM, and he didnt even notice? That, ladies and gents, is true dedication to boobs.