Things Go Wrong When A Group Of Friends Create A Teleporting Rocket Ship In Traveler

This is a cool short film: Traveler. In it, a team of friends create a jet-powered vehicle that can teleport. Once they succeed, however, the problems begin.

The synopsis has a little more by the way of explanation, which makes me think that there’s more planned for this short:

When a group of friends discover a secret code on the dark-web, they build a jet-powered craft to attempt jumping to the far side of our galaxy. But when they succeed, they unwittingly open up earth to the ‘aware’ - civilizations who are advanced enough to ‘jump’ through space.

Earth sits at a crucial way-point in the universe and has been targeted for illegal colonization. Only our adventurers can stop this - if they prove to the galactic council how nefarious the security chief’s plans are. Such a quest will take them to the far edges of the galaxies and the far-flung worlds there.


Either way, it’s a neat little film.

[Traveler, Vimeo]



“Eject Buckaroo... eject!”

“This is Chase 1, we got his tracks, they go right up to a wall of rock. Holy shit!”

“He’s gone through the mountain!”