Illustration for article titled This 1000fps Camera Will Capture the Super Bowl in Super Slow-Motion

Slow-motion video is nothing new to sporting events, but this NAC camera is really upping the stakes at this weekend's Super Bowl. It'll capture every kick, tackle and fight in glorious 1000fps footage, almost doubling what current cameras capture.

NAC is supplying four of its brand new super slow-motion Hi-Motion II cameras to NBC in order to improve the game's TV coverage. While the original Hi-Motion's been used for a few years, recording events at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and South African 2010 World Cup, it only captures video at 600fps. The latest model almost doubles that.

The camera's so new that there isn't any sports footage available for us to see how good it will look, but given how great the orignal Hi-Motion looked (see the video on the left), we're expecting amazing things. [NAC via The Verge]


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