Lady dances on a tightrope 300 feet above NY without any safety—in 1931!

Hey MustangWanted, you got nothing on this insane 1930s NY lady, man. Way, way before you crazy Ukranian and Russian daredevils started acting like lunatics, this woman danced on a tightrope 300-foot above New York City without any safety whatsoever.


Or maaaaaaaybe it could be the camera angle and she could just be standing above a terrace. We don't know because this is the only film that British Pathé has.

Update: Actually, it's real. The name of the lady is Bird Millman, who "was the most celebrated female high-wire performer of all time. During the "Golden Age of the American Circus," she was a premiere attraction with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus."

1931 is the same year as the Empire State Building was completed and became the tallest building in the world.


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I could let the bare ankles go but are her knees showing? That's indecent.

Oh my! Now I'm appalled! That high kick revealed far too much! Throw her in jail!