When deadlines are a-looming and your creative well has momentarily run dry; when a conversation with colleagues would result in a down-the-rabbit-hole discussion that time won't allow; or when a client wants a design change and you need guidance from an impartial third party; the Pocket Art Director wants to help you with your work. In other words: "Just get it done."

The 20-sided plastic die is emblazoned with to-the-point phrases on each of the triangular flat spots. Some are helpful: Simplify; Add some texture; Use Gotham. Some are taking the piss: Give it personality; Make it modern yet traditional. And some just articulate how you're feeling deep down: Blah blah blah.

You can snag one for $16 here, but they won't start shipping until October. If you're desperado for a quick fix, try it out online here , or print out a fold-your-own version here .


Regardless of whether you follow its advice, there's always something to be said for a fresh take. Just beware it doesn't team up with your Magic 8 ball to start its own agency and steal all your commissions. [Fuzzco]