This 3-Inch Wearable Turbine Functions Just Like a Giant One. Just Don't Call It Jewelry.

Oh, sweetie! You shouldn't have! A box? For me? You remembered! Happy anniversary! I can't wait to open it! What a pretty bow! Oh gosh! It's.. it's—Yes, that's right, it's a tri-blade, 30-part military grade titanium turbine assembly.

Perhaps not the most romantic gift, but as you can see from the test footage above, it's a hell of lot cooler than a sterling silver heart pendant. I'm not sure I (or anyone...) would actually want to wear this, but holy crap is it a nifty, gorgeous little piece of tiny engineering. [Rogue Design via NotCot]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Picture doesn't seem to be showing up for me


Anyway, I followed the source link and the pendant looks pretty sweet. Too bad it's over $6000