An external battery pack will provide enough power for 8 hours of normal operation, though should something go wrong, the sub can remain underwater for up to 96 hours via its emergency life support system. Though customers will be able to tailor the subs to their specific expedition requirements, its typical loadout will include six 5,000 lumen flood lights, a pair of 5-axis manipulators, 2D and 3D sonar, and HD color cameras.


But what most sets the Cyclops apart from nationally developed deep sea technologies is its affordability. By designing the vehicle for efficiency and incorporating as many off-the-shelf-parts as possible, rather than develop their own proprietary versions, OceansGate expects to rent these vehicles out for just $35,000 a day—a bargain compared to the cost of conventional ROVs and manned platforms—when the subs hit the waves in 2016. [Ocean's Gate]