Have you ever wondered what the Venus de Milo looked like before the sculptureā€™s arms were broken off? Besides offering a version of the famous piece for your own private gallery, this six-inch figure includes a set of articulated arms letting her point, scratch her head, and even hold things again.

The second figure in Figmaā€™s Table Museum series, this plastic version of the Venus de Milo comes with a base you can use for statuesque poses, as well as a series of swappable hands if you prefer her to appear more lifelikeā€”minus the stark gray skin. Available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore for $50 and shipping in January of next year, the figure even has a flexible skirt and articulated legs so thereā€™s no reason she couldnā€™t pick up a gun and join your G.I. Joes in battle. [BigBadToyStore via Neatorama]


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