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Threezero’s line of Game of Thrones figures already dazzled us with its replicas of Ned Stark and Jon Snow, but now the line is looking to King’s Landing for its next figure: This pretty lovely looking version of the Lannister we all love to hate/love/generally get rather conflicted over: Jamie!

Threezero teased the 1:6 figure, depicting Prince Charming Jamie Lannister as he appears in the first season of the show, glorious hair intact and the shiny armor of the Kingsguard, on their Facebook page this morning—which presumably means it won’t be long to see much more of the figure and the chance to preorder. It looks pretty lovely so far, but it’s a shame they didn’t base the figure on a more recent version of Jamie. There’d be a valid excuse for you to be able to remove his hands!


No other details were revealed about the figure, but if ThreeZero’s past Game of Thrones figures are any indication, the Kingslayer will set you back $190 when he’s available for preorder, ahead of a release next year.

[Via Toy-People]

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