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This Animated Short's Pastoral Beauty is a Perfect Respite

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“Fox and the Whale” is a brief animated film about a fantastical meeting between two creatures from different parts of the natural world. It’s the perfect breather after a long week.

Every moment of this short, created by Robin Joseph and Kim Leow, floored me. Its oceanic pastoral setting is built with wonderful, slow-moving tableau, drawn from intimate close-ups and angel’s-eye-view distant shots that feel like landscape paintings come to life.


The film’s ten-minute runtime is taken slowly, calmly. Like a meditation. I’ve spent most of October planning and executing a cross-country move. Even now, as I’m starting to settle into my new place, I’m humming with stress. After all of that, watching this felt like the long, slow breathe of air I needed. If you’ve had a difficult week, I recommend it.

I recommend it anyway, really. Just look at this. It’s gorgeous.

You can check out “Fox and the Whale” below. The film has made appearances at over 40 film festivals, and premiered on Vimeo earlier this week.