This ATM That Plays Doom Would Make Trips to the Bank So Much Better

Illustration for article titled This ATM That Plays emDoom/em Would Make Trips to the Bank So Much Better

Imagine walking up to the ATMs at your local bank and being able to do more than just cash checks and make withdrawals. What if you could also play Doom? It's a bizarre alternate universe this pair of Australian hackers is exploring, and it's kind of awesome.


Details on the hack are a little bit sparse, leaving questions like Wait where did you get this ATM? and OK but what about Chex Quest? unanswered. The retro glory of Doom on any screen speaks for itself though. While this setup is definitely weird, it's not too surprising that it's possible. After all, most ATMs are Windows XP computers at heart, but there's still a lot to keep you from just booting to desktop and downloading some freeware.


The hack isn't finished yet either. The pair of hackers hope to turn the side buttons into weapon select, and the PIN pad into controls; and according to the YouTube comments, they've at least pulled off the first part. When they're finished, and put the whole thing back together again, they'll have one of the coolest and most unconventional arcade cabinets around. For once, it's actually cool that ATMs are so hackable. [Hack a Day]

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Surely they're only using the screen and input with a PC?