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This Backpack Looks Through Walls

Illustration for article titled This Backpack Looks Through Walls

Although the brick and concrete-penetrating Prism 200c can't see through clothes like the perv-preferred Midnight Shot NV-1, it's still pretty neat! The backpack-mounted scanner uses ultra-wideband radio waves to scan a room for baddies before they know you're there.


The pack even allows for quasi-3D perspective shifting, so that you can pick the best spot to pop in and surprise everyone. Just don't expect to be able to see if they've got their guns up and ready for you—people on the other side of a wall only show up as little dots. So, it's not exactly x-ray vision stuff, but still highly useful—and the first tech of its kind small enough for a person to use singlehandedly. It's a little odd that you're supposed to lean against the wall backwards while the scanner buzzes through and then look through the scope, but hey—wall-busting radar is wall-busting radar. Now if there were only some way to combine this and the Midnight Shot. Just saying.


Also: first person in the comments to make an Aliens reference wins 600 Gizmodo points.

[Cambridge Consultants via Daily Mail]

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