This Beat Up Old Claw Machine Will Charm and Delight You

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We've all experienced first hand the joy of claw games. But is a machine still wonderful when it is worn and weary? Yes, yes it is.

Produced by Aaron Cansler, this one-minute short depicts what Cansler would have you believe is the "Saddest Claw Machine In New York." Not so. After years perched on a street corner, this machine may have lost its luster, with scratched and graffiti-covered glass (to the point that you almost can't see in), and a top covered with a garbage bag. But this is not a tragedy; the toys inside are still fluffy and fun. The whole thing is weirdly heart-warming.


Is this a story of existential persistence? Perhaps. But it seems lore like a statement of universal truth: Claw machines are always wonderful. [Animal New York]