A Beautiful Lampshade Carved from Solid Granite

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This may be a lampshade, but light isn't what it does best—because this new interpretation of the classic industrial lamp is carved from a solid piece of granite.


The brainchild of AStudio, the Mika 350 is a pendant lamp inspired by ancient Celtic forts of the 6th century BC. Carved from a solid piece of granite, using two different machines over the course of five hours, the result is a surprisingly thin shell that houses a regular domestic light bulb—but it still weighs in at 15 pounds.

The top of the shade is finished with oak, chestnut, sucupira or afzelia, and inside a gearwheel allows the light fitting to change size without breaking the granite. You can watch a video of it being carved below. But don't lust after it too much—because it'll set you back at least $800. [AStudio via Design Boom]


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I've turned wood and metal. Not stone. I'll bet there's a piece of magic in stone selection that isn't obvious so it doesn't disintegrate the second you start grinding away at it.