This Beautiful Video of the Arctic Midnight Sun Will Make You Miss the Sun Even More

New York has been miserable for the past few weeks, with sodding rain and low grey clouds every day. It feels like bloody London and makes everyone miss the Spring sun. This beautiful video will make you miss it even more.


It shows a summer day in the Arctic Circle, where the Sun never sets. It just shines 24 hours a day, getting down enough to almost touch the highest mountains just to bounce up again. The phenomenon is called the midnight sun, and it happens because the Earth's inclination makes certain areas of the poles completely exposed to the Sun.

Of course, in the winter the opposite happens, which could be quite depressing—unless you get to see amazing auroras that make everything look like planet Krypton. [Original video via Youtube]


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In related news, I have been known to show certain areas of my pole to the sun, although for shorter periods of time. (Note to self: don't use the word "shorter" when talking about your pole.)

My parents lived in Alaska for a time and tell stories of the seemingly endless days and endless nights there as well. Plus lots of earthquakes. The soggy NY weather suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

Forecast calls for 10 more days of rain, so I may waffle on that sentiment.