This Beautifully Engineered Bamboo Table Holds Itself Together With Ingenuity

Like a giant version of one of those wooden puzzles you have to figure out how to disassemble, J.P. Meulendijks' bamboo Lock table is cleverly held together in a manner that will have your dinner guests scratching their heads.

But the only secret here is the fine craftsmanship that takes advantage of bamboo's ability to flex and bend. The three sections that make up the table's frame are assembled from layers of bamboo strips sandwiched together, but only secured at the ends so they can bow out in the middle. This allows them to basically hug each other in a beautiful three-way leg lock that almost looks like an optical illusion. But it's not. It's real, and can be yours for just over $2,500 with a glass top, or $2,700 if you opt for a matching bamboo dining surface.


[Plankton Station via MoCo Loco]

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