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This Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Archer: 1999 Confirms That After 10 Seasons, the Cast Is Still Having a Blast

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Archer, Lana, and Malory mid-disagreement, as usual.
Archer, Lana, and Malory mid-disagreement, as usual.
Image: FXX

Archer: 1999 is just a few episodes in, but the FXX series’ shift to space has already injected fresh energy into what was once a show about secret agents but has since changed forms quite a few times. Also full of energy after 10 seasons: the ensemble cast, who apparently rarely record their lines together but still feel mad love for each other, as this new video shows.

“On the show we have difficulties with each other, however in person, it’s such a joy to be with the cast,” says Jessica Walter; she usually plays Malory Archer, though this season she’s taken the form of the ship’s booze-swigging AI, named “Mother” for Alien but also because that’s what Sterling Archer has always called her.


Other fun facts to be found here are that H. Jon Benjamin (who plays Archer) likes to arrive for his recordings without too much advance preparation—a perfect way to approach a character who rarely plans ahead because he always manages to come out on top, no matter the circumstances. We also get a peek at Atlanta’s Floyd County Productions, where animators and artists toil to create the show itself.

One interesting notion floated by the video is that maybe, perhaps, possibly Archer: 1999 won’t be the show’s final season after all. Speaking about how “genre-hopping” has invigorated the show, Lucky Yates (who plays Krieger, an android this season) notes “Fingers crossed, we could run this show for 30 more years if that’s the case!” Adds Benjamin, “I hope it goes another 10. No, maybe not...another two. I don’t want to be in my 60s and be yelling at Lana...I think there’s a limit.” Whether those are just hopeful words from the cast, or actual hope for fans who don’t want to see Archer end, isn’t clear, but the fact that FXX included those statements here is certainly interesting.


Archer: 1999 airs Wednesday nights on FXX.

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