This Between-the-Sheets Fan May Be the Best Thing You Sleep With All Summer

It is hot hot hot right now. So hot, in fact, while I was hanging out on the roof this afternoon, my iPad overheated and flashed the "Temperature!" warning screen.

The temperature may drop in the evenings, but not by much. So, short of stuffing your sheets in the freezer every evening, the best way to keep cool at night may very well be with this portable fan designed specifically to blow air between your bedclothes.


The powerful dual fans move up to 680 feet of air per minute, dispersing built-up body heat under the sheets. Even better: the bed fan ($99.99) comes with a wireless remote; keep it on your bedside table, so you can control the temperature without leaving the little breezy slice of heaven that your bed will become. [OhGizmo]

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