This Boeing 747 Is Actually a Perfectly Detailed Giant Toy Model Airplane

This incredible aircraft is modeled after the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet and pretty much mimics it in every way, except it’s at 1/13 scale. Which makes it a very enormous model airplane! Its wingspan is 16 feet wide, its nearly 18 feet long, and it weighs about 150 pounds. Built by Adi Pitz, it’s pretty damn incredible. It sounds like the real thing. It takes off, lands, and flies like the real thing. And from far away, it really does look like the real thing.

Until it comes close and you realize it’s not a full size 747 but something nearly as incredible.


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Nice. It doesn’t always go so well. Here’s a giant scale model of a B-52 with 8 (count ‘em, 8!) model jet engines. It augers in at the end of the video. Very sad.