This Build-it-Yourself Ghostbusters' Proton Pack Is the Coolest Thing You Will See Today

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You’ll get a lot more respect from other cosplayers when you can confidently say you built your own props. But for those us lacking the requisite skills to do so, Anovos has a new build-it-yourself Ghostbusters Proton Pack kit up for pre-order that ensures your results will still look movie-accurate—and not like a six-year-old’s craft project.

That’s not to say that assembling all of the kit’s pre-made fiberglass, PVC, and ABS plastic parts onto its metal armature is going to be as easy as staying between the lines in a coloring book.


But the hardest part of the build is already done for you, and based on these product shots, the finish and weathering looks more perfect than most of us could ever hope to achieve on our own.

At $600 the kit is also comparably priced to what building a prop like this from scratch, or having it 3D-printed online, would cost you. But there’s a catch. With another Ghostbusters movie hitting theaters soon, it’s going to be a popular costume choice come Halloween. Sadly, Anovos’ replica won’t actually ship until November, just days too late for you to win any costume contests, or impress any ten-year-old trick-or-treaters.


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