Tailgate parties aren't exactly known as the classiest of get-togethers. But thanks to Williams Sonoma's new cedar-encased cooler, even a Sunday afternoon spent in a parking lot with thousands of drunken sports fans can feel like you're having high tea with the queen.

Functionally, this cooler works like any other. You just fill it with ice and beverages and it ensures everything stays cold for as long as possible. But the cooler itself is wrapped in a classy Western red cedar chest, adding some much-needed style and sophistication to your BBQ. It's on legs, too, which means your guests no longer have to bend over to fetch a drink like peasants.


It's yours for $400, but for an extra $50 you can have it personalized with up to 15 characters. Because if it doesn't say Williams Sonoma, how will people know you have a taste for the finer things in life? [Williams Sonoma via Chip Chick]