This Chocolate Teapot Can Hold Boiling Water Without Totally Melting

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There is exactly one reason you would ever want to brew hot tea in a barely stable chocolate teapot: To prove that you could. And indeed, tea-loving Brits have enlisted a master chocolatier to do just that. Behold the power of (chocolate) science.

In case you aren't up on your British insults, a "chocolate teapot" is something—or better yet, someone—utterly useless. But shouldn't our insults be empirically tested? Yes, they definitely should, so master chocolatier John Costello at the Nestle Product Technology Centre put together a team of scientists and engineers to make a useful chocolate teapot. Their strategy was two-pronged. First, use dark chocolate with 65 percent chocolate solids that wouldn't melt as quickly. Second create a thick teapot so the chocolate can absorb as much energy as possible before it starts melting.

Their final chocolate teapot was a thick, sturdy thing cast from a silicone mold. It's not your most elegant teapot, but it does it's job—well, sort of. The inside layer melts into a chocolate sludge that settles to the bottom, so as long as you don't stir your tea pot, you have reasonable tasting tea with only a hint of chocolate.


Tea purists, on the other hand, are free to keep using "chocolate teapot" as an insult. [The Telegraph]

Top image: Screenshot via video from The Telegraph