This Clunky iPhone Accessory Measures Distances With Laser Accuracy

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The carpenters of the world might want to consider adding an iPhone holster to their toolbelts. Because Prexiso's new iC4 iPhone accessory promises to make tape measures obsolete, replacing them with an iPhone laser measuring accessory that works alongside an accompanying app.

It assumes that construction types aren't necessarily on the bleeding edge of new technology since the iC4 only works with the iPhone 4S and other iOS devices with the old 30-pin dock connector. Besides improved accuracy, the big benefit of a laser-based measuring system over ultrasonic is that you can easily pinpoint your target with a bright red dot. The iC4 should be available sometime in November when specific pricing details will be announced. So don't toss your old Stanley just yet.

Illustration for article titled This Clunky iPhone Accessory Measures Distances With Laser Accuracy

[Prexiso via Ubergizmo]

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I gotta be honest: I don't think this is aimed at "construction types." I think this is aimed at "people who think they're handy and/or people who will happily spend more money than necessary for something that unecessarily utilizes their iPhone."

If you work construction and you want a laser measure, there are quite a few already on the market—for anywhere between $25 and up (though for a real solid unit you're looking around $100 and up). Most in that $100+ price range also include a laser level. Some will automatically calculate area.

I can't think of too many contractors who'd want to use their phone as a tool in a dusty, dirty, dangerous-to-tech job site, since their phone is their main (sometimes only) line to their customers/clients/bosses/suppliers/subs. Also, this tool is only useful as long as you own an iPhone 4/4s. Tools and phones do not have the same expected lifespans.

However, I can imagine that there are plenty of would-be handymen and women who don't need to do anything heavier than occasionally hanging Ikea shelves or make sure their couch will fit in their new living room.

It's not the worst thing in the world, depending on the price, but again, the fact that it's only compatible with an already-outdated phone means it'll be damn-near useless within a year or two. Whereas a standalone unit will still be functioning just fine no matter what kind of phone you have in your pocket. So there's that.