This Convertible Sleeping Bag Thinks It's a Giant Hoodie

Illustration for article titled This Convertible Sleeping Bag Thinks It's a Giant Hoodie

The worst part of camping—having to leave your sleeping bag's warm embrace for late night latrine trips. But with the Poler Napsack, you'll never have to take it off again, even after you return to civilization.


The Napsack is a 50 degree-rated sleeping bag with a microfiber body. What sets it apart from other bags, are the pair of zip-able arm ports and cinch-able bottom end. With all three holes closed, the Napsack acts as a conventional sleeping bag. But unzip the arm holes, loosen the bottom drawstring, and it transforms into a 3/4-length, sleeveless coat/puffy moomoo. Fair warning though, some could accuse you of "giving up on life" after paying $130 for what is essentially an all-weather Snuggie. [Poler via Incredible Things]


50 degrees? I might just be Minnesotan, but you don't need a sleeping bag at 50 degrees. That's t-shirt or sweatshirt-if-windy weather. Just sleep on the ground like a real damn man. If you're cold, grow a beard.