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This Cool Coastal House Looks Like It's Floating Over The Ocean

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How's this for a freaking view? The Pole House in Fairhaven, Australia towers 131 feet over a wooded hill. From this vantage point on solid ground it looks like some kind of crazy domestic hovercraft, but once you're inside it's all horizon all the time through the unobstructed floor-to-ceiling windows.


F2 Architecture recently renovated the place, and it is slick as hell. And while the sandy shores look close enough to touch, they're actually a pretty big leap over Great Ocean Road, which runs along the coast. Probably better that way, actually, as it's almost too nice to be a casual, trackin'-sand-in kind of beachy home.


However, if you're flush with cash and aching for an early springtime getaway, you can actually rent it out for a little holiday action on the shore. One caveat: You have to take me with you. I promise I'll shake my towel out and leave my flip-flops at the end of the walkway before heading inside. [HiConsumption]