This Dark Animation About the Future Is Stunning

The music video for Lorn’s song Anvil doubles as a short animation about the future where the year is 2100 and overpopulation is dealt with a mandatory postmortem social network. That is, a social network where people are forced to plug in and die. Yeah, it’s a wee bit dark.


The animation style is wonderful though. Hélène Jeudy & Antoine Caëcke of Geriko say that inspiration for Anvil comes from both Japanese and Belgian comics, think Akira and the works of Schuiten and Peeters. In the short animation, we see their imagination of the world in 2100, a woman’s last moments in that world, and a glimpse of what comes after. It’s pretty absorbing stuff.


Notice how there is no voice activated anything! Looks like the future to me.
I guess sexual pleasure will be merged with some form of electronic LSD, because sex is not pleasurable it just opens your susceptibility to a dream state where the hallucinogenic electrons take over. Is this some millennial thing, solo sex with a computer, pleasure substituted with abstract fantasy.
The entire advertising industry is focused on the vulnerability of the human mind to being imprinted with wants and perceptions. With this video even the pleasure of sex is substituted with the emptiness of the fantasies that only your limited mind can dream up. The greatest sin in the world will become sexual pleasure with another person. The government will dole out the sex computers and perhaps even the fantasies. I would love to make the film that lives on the other side of this future.
This is where we get to after the last 16 years of Bush-Obama, everything is a fantasy, the government is God, believe what you want we will help you figure it out. I nominate Terry Gilliam as Director of the Department of Fantasy.