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This Desk Vac Proves R2-D2's an Awesome Sidekick Even When He Sucks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s no reason to feel upset when you see R2-D2 forced to do menial jobs—that’s exactly what droids were built for. Believe it or not, he will thoroughly enjoy his latest role as a tiny $24 vacuum for your desk, and happily suck up your bagel and Doritos crumbs.

Powered by a single USB cable, R2-D2’s third leg functions as a vacuum hose sucking up whatever might have ended up on your desk after a working lunch. When full, you can then remove the little droid’s dome head to empty him out into the garbage. He doesn’t bleep or bloop like other toy versions of R2-D2 do, but you wouldn’t want him commenting on all those cookie crumbs under your keyboard anyways. [Firebox]


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