British aerobatic team Red Arrows has performed a majestic flypast with XH558, the last of the Vulcan bombers, for the final time at the Southport Air Show on Saturday September 19th,

The nine red British-built Hawk jet trainer aircraft of the Royal Air Force made a V-shape in front of the Vulcan, and performed a flypast with the mighty Cold War aircraft over water, along the coast of the North-Western British town of Southport, casting a sentimental shadow onto the ground.

The XH558 is the last flying example of the Vulcans, and going to retire this September due to lack of further technical support. Now, as one of the most iconic example of British aerospace engineering, XH558 is on her last ‘Farewell to Flight 2015’ tour.


Photos: Cpl Steve Buckley/RAF/UK MoD Crown Copyright 2015