This dude wore a different band T-Shirt for a 1000 days in a row

Like music? Buy albums? Go to concerts? Wear band T-shirts? Sure. But do you have a thousand different band T-shirts that you can wear for a thousand days in a row? Didn't think so! Isac Walter does though. And he did it. He crushed it.

Here's what a thousand T-shirts looks like:


You can see the full image (big! zoomable!) at Minor Thread. Walter started this clothing journey in July 2011 and recently crossed the thousand T-shirt mark this month. Walter explains why he did it:

People kept asking me what are you doing, and why? my answer was always the same. i dunno, and because i can. its the only real reason to do something i guess. i just wanted to see this picture in my mind come to reality. so i did. that it.

Rock on.


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