This Elegant Trash Bin Swings Open Without Screws, Gears, or Wires

The Swing Bin is composed of exactly two pieces: a cylinder and an oval, precisely cut so that lid swings open and shut ever so gently. A prototype of the elegant Swing Bin first light up design circles four years ago, and now designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi has finally decided to make Swing Bin a reality.


Despite when the attention when the bin was first unveiled, Takeuchi had actually given up on commercializing Swing Bin. But the continued emails and inquiries continued, so he decided to make a few tweaks—such as switching the body from welded metal to molded plastic—and trying again. This time, he also turned to Kickstarter to help fund the first batch of Swing Bins.

Swing Bin is now available as Kickstarter rewards in two colors: white with maple and black with walnut. In both, the lid is held in balance with a small cut. There are no screws or gears, just friction. It's a perfectly minimal and elegant way to hide your unsightly trash. Of course given that this is a Kickstarter, you're going to have to take a leap of faith that the super-precise manufacturing is up to par.

The bin could be yours if you pledge at least $65 (plus $20 for shipping outside of Japan) to its Kickstarter campaign before September 14. [Kickstarter via Spoon & Tomago]


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