This excellent Brienne of Tarth Cosplay is simply wonderful

Cosplayer Galacticat had a whole host of delightful outfits for this year's Dragon Con, but none are as flawless as her excellent recreation of Game of Thrones' Brienne of Tarth.

This is some of the best Brienne cosplay I think I've ever seen. Not only is the gear spot on, a brilliant rendition of Brienne's armour from Season 2, but Galacticat herself has got Brienne's look, as well as her icy determination and no-nonsense badassery down to a tee.


You can check out more images of Galacticat's cosplay in the Imgur gallery linked below, but for now, I'm giving it 5 Guffawing Gwendoline Christies out of 5. Long may there be badass armoured ladies in pop culture, and awesome ladies to cosplay them!

[Imgur, via Fashionably Geek. Gif credit to]

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